"The work of an artist is piece of the individual stolen from the body. This sentiment is perhaps no more apparent than in rjosephrod's video. What we, the audience, see is a glimpse into what one could argue is a künstlerroman--the coming of age of an artist into their prime. In transient, ethereal images we witness moments which will come to deeply impact the artist rjosephrod and the individual himself, Joseph Rodriguez. This work portrays a level of vulnerability throughout that allows the viewer to become mesmerized...suggesting a history that [still] remains hidden to us. Overall...I am quite excited to see what the artist continues to produce."
- matthew williams on 'october reflections (2017)', an experimental project/video of my life during that time
I was born in San Antonio, Texas and started to promote my photography, films, and more to the public around 2015. For years past I've gone by RJOSEPHROD as this persona for my creative endeavors. In time I've gained self-knowledge and experience from others while experimenting with different mediums on top of all that. I think nothing is off-limits creatively, and the forward-thinking nature of each idea helps me today and for the future.
I'm currently doing freelance photography while pursuing other creative endeavors.
I graduated with a Bachelor's in Film/Screenwriting and a Minor in Photography at Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles.
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