Rjosephrod is me and I am Rjosephrod. It goes hand in hand. If you look up Rjosephrod anywhere, you find me.

Because that's who I am
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Rjosephrod is a persona of Joseph C. Rodriguez created in 2014 to promote his photography, films, and more to the public. Joseph has worked with photography and film for more than 4+ years with high experience in the Adobe Creative Cloud software. He was chosen as a TAPPS winner for Best Photograph/Photography his Senior year of High School. Along with that, Joseph was also picked to be a part of the RAW Showcase three times in San Antonio where he presented his work with other creators and artists. He was also one of the main photographers for the 2016 Jazz Festival in San Antonio.

Joseph is currently freelancing in modeling & photography while going to school for a Bachelor's in Film/Screenwriting.
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