The ephemeral, dreamlike images contained on this site seek to further an idea:
To take a still photograph & place it in an abyss away from time and place.
The beauty of every image hides itself in fleeting moments—in memories. This allows both sides to be vulnerable, the viewer and I.
Photographing all these moments stamps that feeling in color, in motion, in form. 
My lens blinks with me synchronously, and when my mind has long forgotten about what I saw, the image reminds me of why I took it in the first place.
That is why I photograph.
I was born in San Antonio, Texas and started to promote my photography and more to the public around 2015. In time, I've gained self-knowledge and experience from others while experimenting with different mediums on top of all that. I think nothing is off-limits creatively, and the forward-thinking nature of each idea helps me today and for the future.
I've had one of my photos featured on Travel + Leisure for a Photo Submission. I've also had the pleasure of showcasing my work three times at the RAW Showcase.
I graduated with a Bachelor's in Film/Screenwriting and a Minor in Photography at Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles.
(psst: while you're here, check out my first photo book I published back in 2019: Everywhere and Nowhere All at the Same Time)
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